A friend of mine sent me a great story the other day and I wanted to pass the idea along. Have you ever gone through the drive-through window at a coffee shop, only to be told that the person in front of you paid for your coffee? Or maybe you've paid for the person behind you? Well, this is an idea to buy coffee for someone who needs the help the most.

In the story, a person is sitting in a coffee shop when another customer orders five cups of coffee at the counter. They want two to take with them and three "suspended." A group of lawyers stopped by and ordered seven cups...three for them and four "suspended."

As the person sits and ponders what this "suspended" thing is all about, another man walks in. He's wearing shabby clothes and obviously doesn't have any money. He asks the clerk if she has any "suspended" coffees. The clerk happily hands the man a piping hot cup. The original customer goes to the clerk and asks about it. She tells him that people buy the "suspended" coffees all the time, and sometimes they'll also buy pastries or sandwiches.

What an amazing idea! Imagine being that man. He probably spends his days wandering the streets, trying to find places to get out of the wind. But he knows he has this place where others who are more fortunate can provide him with a hot beverage to chase away the chill! And for the customers, it's a wonderful way to quietly pay it forward.

On this holiday, as our thoughts turn to family, egg hunts, and spring....keep this idea in your heart....and remember to find ways to give back. Happy Easter!