As my wife has said many a time, "They'll make a TV show out of just about anything these days." She's right. However, Pawn Stars, which stars Rick, The Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee, and airs on the History Channel, is still one of my television favorites.  And I still love those guys even after I found out that they were hit with a fine for littering. I wonder if they'll do hard time?

Here's the simple scoop: Apparently, the father and son, Rick and Corey, didn't pick up after themselves at a California campground. What hooligans!

The fine levied totaled a $1,000 each, which amounts to a pee-hole in the snow when you think about how much they've made and continue to make with the show.

I remember a story a while back that said they make an incredible amount in souvenir sales alone, with Chumlee souvenirs outselling the rest. The lovable doofus--whose lack of gray matter is obviously an act--is the most sought after when it comes to pictures and autographs.He makes about $600,000 per year, not including souvenir residuals.

What I love mostly about the show is the historical content. I've learned a lot from Rick and the The Old Man, and the experts they bring in to appraise certain items.

I'm sure they'll recover from their criminal activity at the campground, and I'm sure the show will be around for a little while longer.

By the way, do you want to know how Chumlee got his name? Check it out: