Wednesday night, I was sitting at home looking for something to watch on TV, preferably something ghostly, someone having a run in with Bigfoot, or anything to do with the paranormal...when I came across 'Paranormal Witness' on Syfy. This show features people, from everyday walks of life, and their experiences with the unknown.

Well, I came across the show about 10 minutes after it began, and watched as a family, living in the woods, was surrounded by 5 creatures, that the husband, Eric Martin, a lifelong hunter, had never experienced before. Without having a weapon in the house, due to his wife, Shelley Martin, not caring for them in the house, the family was at the mercy of these creatures all night long, until daylight provided the reprieve they needed, and the creatures were gone, but not with out leaving the markings of a terrifying night! Well, I loving these kind of shows was intrigued by the show...even though while the show was on, my cat was acting weird, and I kept hearing things bump all around, well having missed the first 10 minutes, I had to see if the show was on On Demand, and it I began from the beginning, only to be shocked to find out this took place back in Palmyra Maine!!! If you haven't seen this show, check out the preview for 'Wolf Pack' set in Palmyra Maine, and find the full episode on YouTube