I posted a while back about one of my very favorite places in the autumn, Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant. I love it there! Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hayrides, ice cream, a fun corn maze, petting zoo, and more! It's a great family fun place!

Jim and I went on Sunday and had a wonderful day! We came home with about eight pounds of apples and three beautiful pumpkins. There are still plenty in the fields, including some white pumpkins that look cool! And the apple trees still have a lot of fruit, although you have to hunt a bit to find the apples ready to pick. There are still lots that are a bit green, so there will be good picking through the fall.

You can also pick blueberries...and they have a raspberry greenhouse, although they were all picked out on Sunday. There are more that will be ripening very soon, though.

The corn maze was fun this year! Thank goodness Jim is excellent at reading the map, or I would be there still...LOL! "The Great Gobbler" has lots of turns and twists, so it's challenging...but no worries, there are also plenty of exits if you found you've gotten lost.

Live music and ice cream rounded out the day for us. Oh yes, and a ride in a wagon being pulled by Fred and Fran, brother and sister draft horses who happen to be twins! They're so sweet...just keep your apples away from their line of vision...lol.

We were very excited to learn that the Treworgys are working on a Christmas tree farm across the road and are planning, sometime in the future, to offer sleigh rides! You can bet we'll be there! Take the family to Treworgy Family Orchards before the season's over! They're on outer Union Street in Levant. You'll have lots of fun!