Don't you just love a parade? There's nothing quite like sitting out in the sun to watch all the floats and kids, tumblers and Scouts! Problem is, it takes time to watch a parade. Or...does it? You can watch this video of the town of Orrington's 225th Anniversary parade in less than a minute!

Representative Dick Campbell from Orrington, who was also one of the organizers for Orrington's Olde Home Week, shared this video today on Facebook. I thought it was pretty cool because, since I was IN the parade I didn't get to see it!

It was a fun week in Orrington, with cannons going off for a golf classic AND a reenactment, entertainment that included a ventriloquist, and a parade that was surprising long! Our own News Director Susan Patten even joined in the fun with the Queen City Big Band! Take 40 seconds now and enjoy the parade. And don't miss me...I'm right behind the Kool Bus!