Orono Police took to Facebook this week to assure residents that they're aware of clown sightings around town but don't believe there's any threat to the public.

Reading the Orono Police Department's post and one on our website about Bangor being no stranger to creepy clowns sent chills down my back, since Jim and I watched 'It' yesterday. I'd never seen the Stephen King classic before, so we spent the afternoon and part of the evening curled up under blankets watching the scary Pennywise. Then I wake up to hear that there are creepy clowns being seen around town!

In this case, Orono Police say that they understand why the clown sightings would cause concern, after reports across the country of clowns luring children into the woods, chasing people with machetes, and just generally terrorizing people. But Police say, in this case, it doesn't appear the person has any criminal intent. However, they say, they won't tolerate any such behavior and will handle the person accordingly.