Every weekday on Q-106.5 I play requests during Cindy's Roadhouse. It's fun and I usually do a pretty good job of playing as many requests as I can fit in. There aren't many rules, but there a couple. It has to be a country song. And I have to have it in my library. Did I mention it has to be a country song? Here are a few of the stranger requests I've heard.

  • Do you have any KISS?
  • What do you have by Justin Bieber?
  • Caller: "Can you play Born This Way?"Me: "Who sings that?" Caller: "Lady Gaga!" Me: "Nnnnno"
  • Caller:"I'd like to hear something by Michael Jackson." Me: "Did Michael Jackson ever record a country song?" Caller: "I don't think so."
  • Caller: "Can you play 'I Got You, Babe?'" Me: "Sonny and Cher?!" Caller: "Yeah!" Me: Uh.....no."
  • Caller: "Doood....you got some Aerosmith?" Me: "Dooood......we're a country station!" Caller: "So.....is that a no?" Me: "Yeah, dude...that's a no."
  • Caller: "Do you got 'Superstitious?'" Me:"Stevie Wonder?" Caller: "Well, yeah." Me: "Well....nope. I don't have any Stevie Wonder."

So, here's a hint. Ask me for Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Wynonna, Conway Twitty, and any  number of other Country artists and I'll do everything I can to put it on the air for you! Just remember the number one rule...it HAS to be Country! My favorite request for an unusual song has to be the single by "The Notorious Cherry Bombs." Since I can't share the hilarious video on the radio, I'll do it here. Enjoy! And call me up to request your COUNTRY favorites every weekday between noon and 1 at 991-9500!