If you're anything like me, you have a lot of numbers stored in your phone. Friends. Business associates. The local pizza place. (can't forget that one!) But there a few numbers you may not normally think of, but that you really need to put in your phone.

Nationwide Insurance lists six numbers you must have in your phone. They include:

  • ICE - It stands for "In Case Of Emergency" and should accompany your emergency contact number. Your spouse, your parents, your best friend...whoever you want called in case of emergency. First responders will understand what it means.
  • Home - It may seem silly to have your home number in your phone, but it makes perfect sense. When I worked at a convenience store, that was always the first number I looked for when we found a lost phone. It's also a good idea to list your parents number under "Mom and Dad" or your spouse as "Hubby." Same reason.
  • Police - Keep the non-emergency number for your local police or sheriff's department in your phone. That way, if someone needs help or you see something you think the police should be made aware of, you have the number pre-programmed.
  • State Police - See someone who needs help on the interstate? Want to report someone who's driving erratically? You'll have the state police at your fingertips.
  • Insurance Company - If you have an accident, you're going to want this number! Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Your motor club - Whether it's AAA or you have roadside assistance through your insurance company, it's important to have that phone number quickly. You don't want to be fumbling for the number when your car needs a tow or runs out of gas in a snowstorm!

I would add a few of my own suggestions too...

  • Your vet - If you're out for a walk with your dog and he eats something he shouldn't or gets hurt, you'll want to be able to call your vet quickly to learn what needs to be done until you can visit the office.
  • Your pediatrician - Same deal. If your child gets hurt, you want to be able to access that number quickly to get emergency information.
  • Boss or Coworkers - If you find yourself in an accident, or in an emergency situation and you have to call into work, you want to make sure you can reach someone by phone. Or if you need to tell your boss something like...the radio station's off the air....you'll want that cell phone number!
  • Daycare or School - If you have a child in daycare or in school, keep those numbers in your phone. If you're stuck in traffic or at the doctor's office, you'll want to let the school know that your child will be late.
  • And don't forget the pizza place!