If there's one negative thing that technology has done to humankind is that it's turned us into a very sedentary society. It's no wonder we all struggle with our weight and health. Computers keep us trapped in a chair and at our desks for hours on end. But someone has thought of a way to get us moving while the desk shackles are still attached: Exercise Gear as Office Furniture!

I like it. What a great concept. As a rule I'm a bit on the fidgety side. I'm fortunate to have an office on the bottom level of a three-story building with no elevator, which forces me to climb the stairs many times a day. I also exercise at home before work, and when spring weather arrives, I walk at lunch. But there are those days where I have to sit for hours to get work done. On those days it would be nice to peddle or walk while I type.

I, for one, look forward to this new work/exercise trend to take hold. This AP News story explains more: