Okay, showing my age here. I remember when the former Brewer Middle School was known as Brewer Junior High! And soon, it may be home to folks older than me, when the Brewer Housing Authority buys the property.

The Brewer City Council agreed Tuesday night to sell the property to the Housing Authority this year, with the option of an extension. If the organization buys the old school this year, the cost is $15,000. If they file an extension, the price goes up to $35,000.

The plan, according to the City of Brewer's website is to turn the building into 28 one-bedroom units of affordable housing for seniors age 55 and older. If any of the folks that eventually live there grew up in Brewer, they probably went to school there!

Kudos to the City of Brewer and the Housing Authority for finding a use for a historical building instead of just tearing it down. I have fond memories of my two years in that school, when I was in 7th and 8th grade. Back then, the hallways were all one-way because they were so narrow...and we had fences at each entrance. Boys lined up at one entrance, with girls at the other. Apparently the teachers felt that would keep us out of trouble!

The Historic school has been through many transitions, beginning as the High School in 1928. I can't wait to see the restoration of this beautiful building for its next chapter!