I decided, along with our Digital Managing Editor, Jeff Tuttle, to grow a mustache for Movember.

Movember is a cause that works to bring awareness to mens' health issues, like prostate cancer and the like. So for any entire month Jeff and I grew a mustache. I can speak for both of us when I say that it wasn't without some controversy.

Jeff took a fair amount of ribbing from family (wife especially) and friends. And although I took a little ribbing, I came to realize how many people care about the way I look. Who knew?

Our mustaches actually took on a life of their own. So we always felt we had to defend them. Jeff would say things like, "You can't talk my mustache that way," or "Hellooo, my mustache is in the same room!" It was funny. I guess you had to be there.

But it was only for a month. Jeff said this morning that he thought about shaving tonight, but I said it's only fair to the mustache to wait until November is officially done. I think he's going to wait.

My 'stache,' however, is a different story. I'm kinda torn. I just might keep it. Of course my lovely bride will have the final say, but I'd like to hear from you. Take a look at my mustache and give it the thumbs up or thumbs down.

I'll let you know what I decided on Monday.