A scam that starts with an ad for a Nanny or Au Pair is bilking job-seeking Mainers out of money.

Ellsworth Police revealed the scam on the Department's Facebook page. It starts with an ad for a Nanny or Au Pair for two small children that pays about $820 per week. Police say anyone who answers the ad will be hired. They will then receive a check for payment in advance or relocation expenses.

This is where things start to turn strange. The 'new employee' will then be notified by their 'new employers' that the children have died in a terrible accident. This happens almost immediately after the check is sent, and the 'family' tells the victim that they need the money back immediately. The victim sends the money via Western Union or Money Gram. It's not until after the money has been paid that the victim realizes the original check is no good. So they not only have no job but they're out all that money.

Police advise remembering the old adage, 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,' And everyone is encouraged to check their credit card statements regularly because these 'job listings' are being paid for with stolen credit cards.