I'm not really sure how I let my son talk me into fantasy football this year. I mean, I love football! Sitting around with friends and family, watching a game, yelling at the TV? Absolutely! But my fantasy experience hasn't been quite so fulfilling, to say the least!

I remember when I was young, I used to drive my brother crazy when he watched football. I didn't understand the game, so I asked a LOT of questions. Over and over. Finally, he would tell me to go play with my dolls and let him watch. Of course, that totally ticked me off and so I became even more of a pest! I mean, what are little sisters for?

But then I grew up and got married, and my husband loved football. As a matter of fact, his father used to employ some of the Washington Redskins in the off-season, so he was a HUGE fan. Well, sort of. He got me so addicted to the sport that, eventually, he was asking me, 'Honey, can we PLEASE watch something OTHER than football?'

Being that I'm such a football addict, apparently my son decided that it was time I got into the Fantasy world of the game. I went in a tad reluctantly. I mean, I enjoy watching, but I know nothing about statistics. I already spend a ton of time on the computer each day. And I feared that I wouldn't be good at it. But...he's my son and it's a way to have a "shared experience," so in I went.

Yeah. Should've listened to my initial reservations. Because, after 7 games in fantasy football? I'm 0 and 7. Yep. Haven't won a single game! Even my son is rooting for me to win...even if I'm playing HIS team! It's pathetic. But hey, I'm having fun, sharing time with my son and his wife's family, and learning even more about football.

Still....I haven't won a single game! Maybe I should have found a more masculine name than 'Cindy's Playboys.' And, in hindsight, that pink 'C' on the helmets probably isn't helping either. Ah well....there's always next year!