All of us here at Q-106.5 are having a good time with our new freedom of being able to post interesting things on our website in hopes that you'll visit the site more often...just sayin'. But honestly, I just can't be serious all the time with the content that I upload on a daily basis. So I decided I'd post something with a funny story behind it. I got the idea from my friends Brett Slater and Bill Butler, who both posted videos today on Facebook.  So here's the story...

Probably about five years ago Shirley and I got "gratis" tickets to a Bangor Symphony Orchestra performance at the Maine Center for the Arts, which is now named Collins Center for the Arts on the UMaine campus. I love classical music. Always have. I just didn't know why until we listened to a piece by composer Gioachino Rossini, entitled "The Barber of Seville," performed by the BSO.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Cartoons, the audio is forever burnt into the memory banks. Now you gotta picture this...there's not an empty seat in the house. The room is filled with people from all walks of life, mostly the affluent variety of which Shirley and I were not. As the song played I leaned over and gently whispered in Shirley's ear these words: "Bugs Bunny."

Oh, my word, we had all we could do to keep from busting out laughing. But the real funny thing was that as we looked at the rows of affluent people in front of us, shoulders were dancing up and down. Yep! They were chuckling too.

Thank you Warner Bros. and Bugs Bunny for instilling into my young life a little culture, even though I didn't know it at the time.

Now watch the video and laugh. Have a great day.

"That's All Folks!"