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This coming weekend you have an opportunity to see an entertaining show filled with fabulous music and lots of laughs, compliments of one of the most fun-loving fire departments I've ever encountered.

It's one thing to be trained to race in to danger when others are rushing out and to tap into your bravery and utilize skills to save lives and property. But, when you do that with a bunch of community theater types it demands respect!

The Ellsworth Fire Department hosts the 50th Annual State Fire Fighter's Federation Convention in September so they've been doing a lot of fundraising to pay the expenses.

The second run of Music! Music! Music! goes up Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at The Grand in Ellsworth. The show was conceptualized by Penny Weinstein who is the Administrative Assistant for the Ellsworth City Manager, and member of the featured group the Memphis Belles. In fact, much of the costuming for the show, with the exception of the fire fighter's turnout gear of course, comes from Penny's extensive theater wardrobe.

It's been great fun working with the guys and gals of the Ellsworth FD, and their families, and we hope you come have fun with us at the show and we wish them great success in September!