Country music, better than nearly any other genre, really hits close to home when it comes to the songs we play and how they can relate to exactly how we're feeling at any time of our life. So today, we want to know, what song, right now, would be the 'Theme Song of your Life' 

From music that speaks of happiness like 'I Cross My Heart' from George Strait, to songs of lost love like 'I Let Her Lie' from Daryle Singletary, to the proverbial "I'm sick of my job" song, 'Take This Job & Shove It' from Johnny Paycheck...what is the one song that would be the "Theme Song' of your life? Leave your comment below, and see just how your compares to others!

Here's some of the videos of the 'Theme Songs' mentioned above

George Strait 'I Cross My Heart'

Daryle Singletary 'I Let Her Lie'

Johnny Paycheck 'Take This Job & Shove It'