I told you earlier this week that this is Horror Movie Season at my house. From late September to Halloween, we try to watch several scary movies each week. We got started last night with "The Skeptic" and "Case 39."

I thought it would be fun, as we go through the month, to share my reviews of our scary film-watching!

Jim and I started the evening with "The Skeptic," starring Tim Daly and Tom Arnold. (yep, Roseanne's ex, who was actually pretty good in the role of best friend) Daly plays a cynical man who inherits a huge Victorian house from his estranged Aunt. He doesn't believe in ghosts, until he starts seeing them! I liked this movie, probably partly because it's really more of a thriller than horror. There are a couple of medium-sized scares but it's centered more on the emotional journey of a man who realizes there  are skeletons in his closet. I think it's worth checking out!

We had actually watched "Case 39" before and enjoyed it so much that we watched it again this year. If you like movies with truly evil children, you'll love this one! Renee Zellweger is a case worker who takes a personal interest in this seemingly innocent little girl. Lots of edge-of-your-seat moments. Put this at the top of your Halloween movie list!

I wanted to quickly mention one more that we started to watch. "7 Days to Live" stars Amanda Plummer as a woman who keeps seeing hallucinations about...you guessed it...a countdown to the death of herself and her husband. Stupid, stupid movie. Predictable, badly acted, and just not scary. We didn't make it halfway through before we turned it off. I don't mind the cheesiness of some horror movies, but this one was just plain stupid.

That's all for now! Happy Halloween Horror Watching!