Throughout the month of October, I'm going to offer up reviews of horror movies and TV shows. These are strictly my opinion, as Jim and I make our way through "Horror Season" at our house. With Halloween almost here, it's fun to get scared together!

We watched "Children of the Corn," which is based on a Stephen King short story. It stars Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton as a bickering couple who take a road trip to try and save their relationship. While on the road, they suddenly run over a young boy who runs out in front of them. But when they look closer, they realize the boy's throat had been slit before they hit him. What follows is a scary descent into a society of children that reminds me of a twisted Peter Pan mentality. It isn't that they never grow up...they just kill members who turn the dreaded adult age of 19. The special effects in this movie are...well...dated...but it's still plenty spooky! And there are some excellent performances from some of the kids. Interesting bit of trivia from this movie....John Franklin, who plays one of the child leaders Isaac, was actually 24 when he made this movie! I had never seen the movie before and enjoyed it a lot! King is still one of the scariest storytellers around!

Jim and I have also been dabbling in some horror TV shows. Our favorite, so far, is "Paranormal Witness" from the SyFy channel. This show claims to tell stories of paranormal activity, based on actual events. The people involved in each case narrate the stories. While it's not always scary, it will definitely make you think! My favorite so far is a story of a woman and her daughter who moved into a beautiful house in Connecticut. It wasn't long before the haunting started, and it included some scary stuff! Turns out, the house used to be part of a large mental institution where they practiced torture and electric shock. The woman stayed in the house which makes her braver than me!

That's it for now! We'll keep watching and have more reviews soon.

Happy Horror Watching!