Times are a changing. The firearm industry is now selling more firearms to women than ever before, and manufacturers are creating guns and accessories that are for women only. Women can now buy designer guns that are pink, and holsters that mount directly to their bra.

Also, training to use firearms by women have increased exponentially. Some women are even getting their daughters started at a very young age, all in the name of protection.

But some naysayers, like Lauri Saffian with Women Against Gun Violence, say having a gun in the house creates a false sense of security. She states:

  • A women with a gun in the home is three times more likely to be murdered
  • For every time a gun is fired in self-defense, four accidental shootings occur, and seven homicides or assaults will take place
  • Risk of attempted or successful suicide increases

There are two sides to every issue. Ladies, would you feel safe knowing how to use a gun and owning one?

Here's the ABC News story: