Horror Season continues at my house, and I'm sharing my take on a couple more scary flicks. I’ll be offering up reviews of horror movies and TV shows throughout the month, as Halloween gets closer!

These are strictly my opinion, as Jim and I make our way through “Horror Season” at our house. With Halloween almost here, it’s fun to get scared together!

The first movie I want to talk about is technically a sci-fi thriller, rather than a horror movie. But "The Cell" will definitely scare the heck out of you! I think this role is a career-best for Jennifer Lopez. And Vincent D'Onofrio plays an incredibly scary serial killer. Lopez plays a social worker who can enter the minds of comatose patients to help heal them. But when she's asked to enter the mind of schizophrenic serial killer, scariness ensues! Definitely a movie I would recommend!

One of my favorite vampire movies is "Dracula," starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, and Keanu Reeves. This movie is done in a very traditional way, staying closest to the book. Gary Oldman is an amazing actor who can switch from a seemingly doddering old man to a truly frightening beast in seconds! Keanu is a little dry in this movie, and his accent struggles at times, but the performances around him truly make up for it. If you want a real vampire story (one where vampires don't glisten), then I'd definitely recommend this movie.

We also watched "Paranormal Activity 2" over the weekend. I didn't like this movie. Maybe I'm just not into the whole reality TV thing that's so huge right now, but I find this film tedious. The premise is this: after a family's new home is broken into, they set up security cameras all around the house...and soon realize that there's something truly sinister going on. The movie is basically lots of security camera footage, that you're constantly scanning for something scary. It's like those pictures on the internet where you're trying to figure out where the hidden face is....but there is no face. Many times it's a pot that falls....or a mobile that moves on it's own. Subtle. Quick. Boring. The last few minutes are truly scary...but the way the rest of the movie plods along as you watch the family talk about relatives and prepare meals just isn't worth the payoff, in my opinion.

That’s it for now! We’ll keep watching and have more reviews soon.Happy Horror Watching!