We've all seen Billy Ray's daughter Miley in the news this week. I will spare you the video of her performance at the VMA's. Instead, I wanted to remind myself that the girl actually does have talent. So I went for her rendition of one of my favorite songs, "Jolene."

This is part of Miley's "Backyard Sessions" from last summer. She brought her band together for a stripped down...er....acoustic version of some of her favorite music. No worries...everyone keeps their clothes ON in this video!

Here's hoping the former Disney star finds her way through this latest bout of rebellion and comes out the other side calmer and more settled into herself. I'd rather see that than for her to become another Lindsay Lohan.

So, to help you erase the images from the VMA video, check out the much more sedate Miley singing a Dolly Parton classic..."Jolene." Awesome job!