The Christmas season is almost upon us with 'Black Friday' happening this week, and 'Cyber-Monday' kicking off next week.

You may have noticed that I called it Christmas season. And you may have also noticed that there has been a trend in recent years to neutralize the gift-giving time of year by referring to it in a generic way by just calling it 'holiday.' Some city governments in the U.S. have already taken the neutral stance. Boring!

To me, to not use Christmas is just plain wrong and un-American. Ever since I was a child it has always been Christmas. And even though the debate goes on about the actual birth date of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, it is still the time of year that we celebrate and acknowledge his birth. Christmas is also a time of reflection, family gatherings, good food, cheer, and just taking the time to help the less fortunate by gift and service, which is something we should be doing year round anyway. It is such a wonderful American tradition.

We're on a slippery-slope. It's my fear that Christians in this country have already lost the battle in this politically correct driven society to hang on to the most simplest yet sacred traditions. Easter's resurrection celebration has already been reduced to chocolate bunnies, Marshmallow Peeps, baskets and fake grass.

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Oh, yeah...and an early Merry Christmas to you and yours! From Nelson and family.