Maine, the state we live in is known as 'Vacationland'. Many of us look outside of this great state as we plan our summer getaways, but after spending some time this past weekend in the Rockland/Rockport area, why not spend some time looking close to home, in Maine!

I've lived in Maine my entire life, I grew up with Baxter State Park as my backyard, and was fortunate enough to get to experience it many, many times. I've also seen the rocky coast of Maine from Sand Beach in Bar Harbor, the majesty of Thunder Hole, the breathtaking view from high atop Cadillac Mountain.

Paul Cyr Photo

I'm fortunate enough to say that 'God's Country' Aroostook County, was my home for many years, and the views are that which only God himself could ever create.

JR Mitchell Photo

After spending the day exploring the ocean front, with the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in the background, I'm amazed at the beauty this state holds.

So my question to you, why not consider a Maine vacation this summer? Take our poll and let us know which one of the locations you'd most likely visit, or add one of your own.