This is crunch week for our Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride! (pun intended) The Ride is coming up on Saturday and so we're looking for your donations. I wanted to let you know where your money is going, so this week we'll meet a few of the campers and let them tell the story!

Meet Nick!

Capable of anything,11-year-old Nick Maxim was born without the lower two-thirds of his arms and he doesn’t let that stop him.

“He’s just incredible,” Terri Maxim said of her son, Nick. “He puts his mind to things and just does them like anyone else. Being at camp definitely increased his confidence that he can indeed do anything.”

Nick attended Pine Tree Camp last summer for the first time and instantly wowed the staff. During an overnight activity, where Nick and his cabin mates experienced traditional camping under the stars, Nick needed no assistance as he filled his nylon stocking with dirt and seeds to make his chia pet.

“It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen,” Nature Program Leader Alex Horrocks said. “It’s moments like this that are an inspiration to staff and campers.”

Nick continued to wow the staff as he colored and glued items to his chia pet container. Once finished, Nick flashed a big smile of accomplishment, ready for the next activity for the night.

“When Nick came home from camp, as a parent we recognized that his week at camp was the single more important event of his life so far,” Terri said. “He came back a completely new person, he had changed.  He just felt really, really good about himself.  He came back wanting to do anything. Nick even said ‘When I go back to school I get to do anything. And I get to say that I went to camp this summer.’”

Your support of the Q106.5 Celebrity Egg Ride continues the tradition of helping kids like Nick attend Pine Tree Camp. All money raised goes directly to the Camp, located in Rome, Maine. Make your donation today by calling 991-9500 or on our website! And thanks from everyone at Q-106.5 and the Pine Tree Camp!