As we spend our last day of fundraising madly writing down your pledges, I thought you'd like to meet another of the Pine Tree Campers! The money you donate goes to helping families afford to send their youngsters, and adults, to camp. Since we can't take you to the camp, we thought we'd bring another camper to you.

Meet Chase!

When Chase Walker arrived at Pine Tree Camp for the very first time last summer, he knew he was in for something special. Within moments of his arrival, the entire camp staff greeted Chase like he was a rock star. They cheered for him, called out his name, and offered 'high fives' at every turn. It was a warm and wonderful welcome to a full week at Camp, and a memory that will last a lifetime!

Chase, who turns 10 this April, has always loved being active and outdoors. Unfortunately, his Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis makes it tough to enjoy activities that are easy and pain-free to most other kids. At Pine Tree Camp, Chase's physical limitations seemed to disappear. With the support of a trained and talented team of counselors, Chase got the chance to try things he never thought would be possible. He learned how to swim and kayak - and he even became the star soccer player of his camp group!

Like many parents of children with disabilities, Chase's mom, Kelly worried about her son being away from home for the first time. All of her concerns quickly vanished, however, when she saw her son's face light up as soon as he stepped foot into camp. It's no doubt that at Pine Tree Camp, kids feel safe, confident, independent and yes, even like a rock star!