Each day this week, we've introduced you to another Camper from the Pine Tree Camp. Their stories are heartwarming, full of love for the camp staffers and the friends they meet there. And full of enthusiasm for their time at the camp. Today's camper is well-known to all of us at Q-106.5. He's always around at the Egg Ride and we look forward to seeing him. He's touched each of our hearts for his sweet, funny, effervescent personality.

Meet Nicholas!

“It was so cool,” Nicholas Alexander exclaimed.

After attending Camp Pine Cone, Pine Tree Camp’s day camp, for several years, Nicholas took the proverbial plunge and spent the night at Pine Tree Camp. Having joined the boys in Cabin 2, Nicholas and his friends spent the night at Pine Tree Camp’s beautiful overnight campsite.  The excitement built, as all the boys met outside Cabin 5 for the walk through the winding nature trail to the Overnight. Once the boys arrived at the Overnight, Nature Program Leader Alex Horrocks greeted them with the tools to make their own chia pet.

“It was cool,” Nicholas smiled. “It’ll be neat to watch the grass seeds grow and know I planted them.”

Next, campers work as team to prepare dinner.  On tonight’s menu:  wood-fired pizza.  Campers chose their favorite toppings and counselors provided support as needed.  Once the pizzas were ready, the overnight director took care of the rest. After dinner, all the campers participated in  a classic Pine Tree Camp tradition – wish boats.

“I loved making my first wish boat,” Nicholas said. “I didn’t want to let it go in North Pond. I blew out the candle and made my wish but kept my boat.”

After wish boats were set sail, Nicholas and the campers gathered around for ice cream sandwiches and s ‘mores. For many campers, this is the first time they have had the chance to make their own s ‘mores while relaxing with their friends around a campfire.

“I had some of both,” Nicholas said. “Ice cream and s ‘mores – does it get any better?”

As the sun began to set on North Pond, Nicholas and his fellow campers sang camp songs and enjoyed the stars as the counselors made sure the platform tents were ready for bedtime. In the morning, the smile on Nicholas’ face proves the Overnight was a hit.

“My favorite part of staying over was being at breakfast the next morning,” Alexander smiled. “Singing breakfast songs and having breakfast with my friends was perfect!”

Nicholas is one of the campers who raises money each year so that other kids can have as much fun at camp as he does. Your support of the Q106.5 Celebrity Egg Ride continues the tradition of helping kids like Nick attend Pine Tree Camp. All money raised goes directly to Pine Tree Camp. Today is the last day for donations and we could sure use your help. You can donate by calling 991-9500, log onto our online site, or stop by Danforth's Down Home Supermarket this afternoon between 2 and 9pm. Thank you so much from everyone at the Pine Tree Camp and at Q-106.5!