If a Bangor Police Officer asks for your license and you give him two packets of condiments, you'll probably find yourself on their famous Facebook page in the 'Got Warrants' feature.

When I was a kid, the local paper had a weekly article called 'Police Beat' that my Dad and I used to read all the time. It included some serious stories, but also some funny things, like the guy who got busted for littering, but complimented for at least putting all the beer bottles in the six pack container before he left it in the auditorium parking lot. The column usually gave us a chuckle.

Taking that theme several steps farther is Sergeant Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police Department, who's 'Got Warrants' feature is a regular destination for many, including me. There are lessons to be learned, in amidst the humor, each and every week. Like this week's story about a man who offered up packets of ketchup and hot sauce when asked to produce his license. Never a good idea, especially if you have a bottle of something other than Pepsi in your truck.

Then there's the public etiquette lesson. It's impolite to go to a public gathering like the one over the weekend on the Bangor Waterfront, and 'do your business' against an ATM machine, rather than in one of the porta potties. I know those chambers can get ripe, (I swear the person who visited one before me Saturday night had just come from the Indian food booth), but holding your breath for a few seconds is better than being held in jail for a few hours.

Check out this week's funnies offered up by the Bangor Police Department. And remember, donuts stuffed out of sight to impress a slender love interest may leave residue on your face!