Nursing professionals are such an amazing group of people. Firstly, in pursuit of their profession, they tackle a rigorous education that would have the average person institutionalized in just one semester, and secondly, they pour their lives into others where often a simple thank you is remiss. Nurses are a rarity for sure. And I'm proud to say that my niece, Michelle Philbrook Bragdon, is one of those rare individuals.

Sooner or later we'll all be attended to and cared for by a nurse in our lifetime. For that I'm thankful that they are there when I need them. But for nurses, being recognized as a performer at the top of your profession is extra special. And a medical company that we're all familiar with, Johnson & Johnson, has recognized one of those people: Gloria Kindzeka from Minnesota.

Here's Kindzeka's story:

PS...thank you to all nurses for all you do and endure.