This was the most amazing Maureen Hancock Spirit Reading I've heard so far! Over the past few weeks, I've moderated several spirit readings between Maureen and our listeners, and even had a surprise reading myself. But this week's left me with goosebumps! And even Maureen was surprised with one of the details she learned during the call, calling it a first!

On Thursday, I moderated a call between Maureen Hancock - the Spirit Medium Next Door, and a woman named Jane. It became apparent to Maureen right away that it was Jane's father who wanted to communicate with her.

I found myself amazed repeatedly as the call went on, starting with Maureen knowing that Jane's father was missing a portion of his leg or foot (turned out, it was a toe). Then, when Maureen asked Jane how long her father had been gone, the two women answered simultaneously!

But the detail that surprised Maureen as much as it shocked Jane was when she asked if Jane had blood drawn recently. The Spirit Medium says that, in all her years doing readings, she had never seen anything like it. But she said she could see the tube leading out of Jane's arm! It turns out, Jane had donated blood just recently.

I'm getting those goosebumps all over again, just writing about this! Click on the picture of Maureen to listen to the whole call. It will make you say "WOW" more than once!

Maureen Hancock's "Postcards from Heaven" show is sold out in Bangor at the Spectacular Events  Center on September 20th. But you can still get tickets to see her at the Waterville Opera House on September 21st.