Each week, I moderate a phone call between Maureen Hancock, the Spirit Medium next door, and one of our listeners. And each week, she amazes me with the way the readings touch people's lives. But this week was especially touching for me.

Three out of the four weeks that I've sat in on these calls, Maureen has asked the listeners if they know a Michael or a Mark, and each time they haven't understood who she meant. Finally, this week, once our listener had hung up, I had a question to ask. Could this person be trying to contact me?

Listen to what Maureen had to tell me. I still get chills just thinking about it! Just to give you a little background, my ex-husband died last November, before even knowing that he was going to become a grandfather.

Get your tickets to see Maureen Hancock's "Postcards from Heaven" when she comes to the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor on September 20th. They're going fast, so buy them today! Maureen assured me this week that she works the whole room, not just the VIP section. She said, "If you're meant to have a reading, you will!"