A Massachusetts man is found safe in Maine after being reported missing by friends last night. The Maine Warden Service said in a press release today that Paul Lessard, 65 of Milford, Mass. Failed to report home for dinner.

Lessard was last seen Sunday morning, January 26th at around 9:00 when he left to go riding. He planned to take his snowmobile from St. Francis to Portage Lake via ITS 85. He was operating a 2008 Arctic Cat snowmobile and was due back for dinner at 7:00.

When he failed to return, friends called for help at around 11:00 Sunday night and several wardens began searching local trails by snowmobile. Weather conditions in Fort Kent overnight were clear with temperatures near 20 degrees below zero.

At approximately 6:30 this morning, game wardens found Lessard on local club trail 92A, just over 4 miles south of Route 151 in St. John Plantation. Lessard said he got stuck yesterday morning at around 11:30 and remained with his sled for 19 hours until discovered by game wardens. He was cold but did not need medical attention. Wardens helped Lessard back on the trail and followed him back to his residence in St. Francis.