I suppose I could go on and on about the hazards of smoking, but nothing speaks volumes about the subject more than the passing of a cigarette icon: Marlboro's, Eric Lawson.

Lawson passed at the age of 72 from complications caused by smoking. Even in his last years, Lawson admitted that smoking had caused a number of ailments, and according to his wife, he couldn't stop.

But Lawson wasn't the only cigarette commercial actor who passed from the addiction. Here's an excerpt from a Yahoo story:

As a former smoker, having smoked for 10 years and quitting cold turkey in 1984, many of us remember those majestic, rugged cowboy commercials featuring one of the most popular cigarettes of all time. I smoked them...loved them...and they were damn hard to give up. But today I thank the good Lord that I did--and my family thanks me too.

Remember this commercial?

Even kids couldn't escape the lure of tobacco in those days: