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(Highlights District VI Jazz Vocal Music Competition-Sumner Memorial H.S. 2013)

Take just a minute and think about all the ways your life is enhanced by music. You might enjoy your favorite musical, a church hymn, a thunderous score for an epic movie, or the soothing sounds of a symphony orchestra. Heck, think about your favorite radio station playing the top artists.

Now think about the silence.

More and more schools are facing serious decisions about program funding leaving school music directors strapped. Budget curtailments mean no money for instrument repairs, sheet music, or special trips.

At home, families are feeling the pinch too leaving no extra's for instrument rentals or purchase, lessons, or summer camp.

The Gifts of Music organization has been started in Maine to support music education for deserving students while supporting their educators. The Gifts of Music believes music education needs to be a vital part of all school curriculum. Music education has consistently proven to improve the overall scholastic achievement of students. Music is also a life-long skill.

The video above shows so much more than a bunch of kids dressed up singing and dancing. It shows focus, discipline, listening, teamwork, problem solving, tolerance, and communication.

What it can't show is the individual sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment, or in some cases, the desire for self-improvement. What it can't show is the joy each audience member gains as they interpret the song and dance.

Editor's note: In honor of full disclosure, Susan is the Founder of The Gifts of Music organization.