The cell phone addiction rages on. So many users of today's mobile technology have become so engrossed in their calls, texting, and web surfing that they pay no attention to their surroundings. The cellular distraction has caused countless injuries and deaths worldwide.

Over the past few days I have noticed a number of cell phone users looking down when they should be paying attention to the road--yes, they were driving. I see people walking and texting with no regard to what is happening around them. I witnessed one young lady step onto Union St. in Bangor--not in a crosswalk--while staring at her smartphone. It was only after the car ahead of me blew the horn did she wake up and realize where she was.

One glaring report of the seriousness of mobile distractions comes from San Francisco, where a man with a gun on a subway shoots and kills a young student. Because passengers were so engrossed with their phones, no one even noticed him waving his gun around a few times before he pulled the trigger.

CNN has the story: