A Bangor man is charged with Kidnapping and Assault after refusing to let a woman out of his car. The woman finally escaped from 49-year-old Roger Eldridge on the interstate and ran to nearby Denny’s on Haskell Road in Bangor, asking for help.

The victim says it started when Eldridge arrived at her home in the early evening of October 29th and asked to speak with her. She agreed to talk to him while sitting in his car, but once she was there, she says Eldridge took off driving and wouldn’t let her out of the vehicle.

She says Eldridge drove up and down the interstate with the victim in his car for quite some time while refusing to stop and let her out. As the car was northbound on I-95, the victim was able to escape from the car, despite Eldridge’s attempt to keep her there. She then ran to Denny’s and asked employees inside the restaurant for help.

Police caught up to Eldridge later that evening and arrested him, charging him with Class A Kidnapping and Class D Assault. It’s unclear what the relationship is between Eldridge and the victim.