What is it about comic book heroes that intrigue us? I think secretly we all--at one time or another--wish we had a super power of some sort to bail us out of a situation, or to play around with for entertainment purposes. Super human strength, invisibility, flying and moving at the speed of light, laser beams that shoot of your eyes, are all powers I desire. But alas, I am but a mere mortal.

Everybody loves a hero. And no hero matches the legend of 'Superman.' Now I've lost track on the remakes of Superman movies, and looking back, the one starring Christopher Reeves was a bit hokey comparatively. But I like them all just the same.

And here's some good news for Superman lovers, the new Superman movie, 'Man of Steel,' is due out in June of 2013. After watching the trailer, I don't know if I can wait that long.