There's still a bit of summer left. Making a lobster roll at home may be easier than you think and possibly cheaper, too. Lots of local seafood joints will sell you picked lobster meat, in the amount you want, at market value. We got a 1/2 lb fresh lobster meat from Trenton Lobster Pound.

The key to a great lobster roll is using Country Kitchen hot dog buns, slathering the outside with butter, and grilling them in a pan. Then put a thin layer of mayo inside and line the bottom of the roll with iceberg lettuce (iceberg lettuce is important because it doesn't have too much flavor and adds just enough crunch).

Melt some butter then toss it with your lobster meat. I don't recommend drowning it in butter, just use enough to lightly coat. But how much you wanna clog your arteries is up to you.

Some might call it a sin, but I like to top my lobster roll with pickles. Not just any kind of pickles, they have to be deli pickles from a food distributor. You can't find these pickles in a grocery store. We get ours from some dude in Maryland. "I got a guy who can hook you up." - Kidding!

Side dish with your lobster roll - Humpty Dumpty BBQ Chips - a MUST in Maine!