When was the last time you stopped by a Farmers' Market? If it's been a while, you'll be surprised at all the products you can buy there! And finding the market nearest to you is easy with the Get Real Maine directory.

We didn't really have Farmers' Markets when I was a kid. Instead, you'd occasionally find a local farmer who had set up a truck on the side of the road, or in a parking lot. That premise hasn't changed much, except now it's MANY vehicles, MANY booths, and LOTS of variety!

Everyone knows that you can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables at a Farmers' Market. But did you know that you can now purchase fresh meat? Buy some flowers for your yard and fresh-baked bread for dinner.

Nothing says summer like strolling through a Farmers' Market, smelling the delicious aromas and enjoying all the bright, beautiful colors! And when you buy from a Farmers' Market, you're supporting local growers. And we all know how important it is to support locally-owned businesses. They'll be here long after the big-box places pack up and leave.

If you're not sure where to find your local Farmers' Market, just check out the directory on Get Real Maine! Stop in next time you see one, instead of driving by, and enjoy all that Maine has to offer!