**UPDATE: The ad has since been removed.

The engine is not included, of course, but a Gorham man is selling his life-size Flintstone's car on Craigslist to a "good home" for a very reasonable price.

For just $25, you can take home the replica, the owner of which built for Halloween party. The owner, Andy, went as Fred, his wife as Wilma and his daughter as Pebbles.

"It looked really great," he says in the ad.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Seats two adults plus one child in the middle
  • Wheels don't turn, although the steering wheel does
  • Size is (about) 6-feet tall, 5-feet wide, and 8-feet long

If that weren't enough, the vehicle even comes with an extra canvas top and half a can of texture paint for seat touch-up.

Although it's not stated in the ad, we can't help but think Andy needs to make some room in the garage before the snow flies.

If you want to see more or even make Andy an offer, here's the link to his Craigslist ad.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see the real deal in action, check out the video below.