Americans like their Beer, and alcoholic drinks, that's without question. So when Blowfish, a company that manufactures a hangover cure supplement, sponsored a study conducted among over 5,000 Americans over the age of 21 to find out which state was the drunkest...drum-roll please...Maine was #1!!

Maine comes first, followed by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington D.C. And while Washington folk don’t drink the most, they are the biggest complainers when it comes to feeling hungover.

Nationwide, people tend to under report how much they drink. The average American says they consume 277 alcoholic beverages a year but data collected by Blowfish indicates that they’re drinking nearly four times that...819 beverages per person per year. That’s over two drinks a day.

Of course the top beverages were Beer, followed by Vodka, and then Red Wine...ok now hold it!!!! If this is true about Maine...then where is the Allen's Coffee Brandy???

Well I guess with the upcoming long holiday weekend, we as Mainers will take advantage of our #1 If you plan on showing your Maine pride...please do it carefully, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER drink and drive!