Every Sunday, Townsquare Media airs a public service program called "Maine Concerns." If you haven’t checked it out, you really should! We cover everything from local charitable organizations and their events, to health tips, and more.

This week, we're covering two topics that both have to do with protecting yourself and your belongings. First, we'll talk about Maine's Express and Implied Warranty Law. Did you know that most of your purchases are actually covered for up to four years by the state of Maine? I chatted earlier this week with Joan Beckerman of the Maine Attorney General's office about the parameters of the Warranty Law. Listen in this week. It just might save you some money when you realize you don't need to buy additional warranties!

We'll then turn to protecting your camp or home while you're away for the season.Camp owners are getting ready to close up for the winter and the same goes for homeowners who head south. A rash of copper thefts in Hancock County has some concerned about the safety of their belongings. Susan Patten chats with Ellsworth police Lieutenant Harold Page about what folks can do to protect their camps and homes, and the importance of watching out for each other.

To hear more about both of these topics, tune in this Sunday morning for “Maine Concerns,” brought to you by the Townsquare Media News Team.