Celebrate the season’s bounty next month by sampling Maine made cheeses and learning how they’re made. Make a day of it! Enjoy the foliage, stop by a farmers' market, and visit the animals at the farm!

Maine’s creameries produce over 150 varieties of artisan cheeses each year. And each fall, creameries around the state open their farms to visitors who can sample the cheese, visit the animals, and learn how the cheese is made.

It will be a great day for an outing with the fall foliage, and local breweries, wineries, orchards, and farmers’ markets to visit as well. A great opportunity for young and old alike to learn more about Maine’s cheese producers.

Open Creamery Day is Sunday, October 13th from 11 to 3 at creameries around the state. For maps and an updated list of participating cheese makers, log onto the Maine Cheese Guild website!