When I started watching this video, I thought Criss Angel was going to make the people levitate. If you know anything about Criss's magic, you know that he does that a lot. But that's not what he had in store for these two! Watch as he pulls off a stunt that's perfect for Halloween!

I'm a huge fan of Criss Angel's magic. He does some pretty astounding stunts, and he does them in front of people on the street. It has to make it a lot tougher when you're not standing on a stage with fancy lighting!

I've watched videos where Criss Angel set himself on fire, got hit by a car, and walked up the side of that pyramid-shaped building in Las Vegas. But even I wasn't prepared for this one! On his new show, 'BeLIEve,' Criss is taking his magic to a whole new level. You're not going to 'Believe' your eyes!