The Mallett Brothers Band and the Adam Ezra Group will be performing this weekend at OktoBEERfest in Downtown Bangor. I spoke with Luke Mallett this morning about their music, their influences, and what it was like growing up with Dave Mallett for a Dad!

For anyone who doesn't know (is there anyone?) who Dave Mallett is, he's a famous Maine singer/songwriter who is often credited with setting the "folk standard" with his "Garden Song."

Now, two of Dave's sons, Luke and Will, have put together this band that's enjoying great success across New England! I chatted with Luke about what it was like growing up surrounded by music, and how he would define the mix of music that they do.

I'm including the video (above) so you can hear how awesome they sound! And here's the interview with Luke. Find out what he has to say about the fact that he's referred, on the band's website, as a "Lyrical Firehose." The answer is hilarious!

The Mallett Brothers Band and the Adam Ezra Group will perform this Saturday in Pickering Square, Downtown Bangor. OktoBEERfest is a celebration of friends, great food, the very best German and seasonal craft beers from Nocturnem Draft Haus, and awesome music!

Tickets are only $10 each and, if you buy them in advance, you'll receive a complimentary beer mug at the fest on Saturday. Get your tickets now! We'll see you there!