A Massachusetts teenager who has been missing since Sunday near Sugarloaf has been found safe and sound. 17-year-old NIcholas Joy was found on the Caribou Pond Road, which is a snowmobile trail on the west side of the mountain. Rescuers say he had built a shelter to survive the long winter nights.

The Maine Warden Service says Joy will be transported to a hospital for evaluation but that he appears to be doing well. He was located by a snowmobiler, Joseph Paul, also from Massachusetts. The search has been difficult with the recent snowstorms and high winds on the mountain. Paul is a Captain with teh Warwick, Massachusetts Fire Department. He was not a part of the official search party but heard of the search through the media. He decided to ride the Caribou Pond Road snowmobile trail and that's where he found Joy.

Wardens say Joy had built a snow cave for shelter and spent his days walking toward the sound of snowmobiles he could hear in the distance. He was walking in the direction of engines he'd heard the day before when he and Paul crossed paths.