How often does this happen to you? You hear something in the house and don't know what it is. Is it the house settling? Did you imagine it? Jim and I had this experience tonight and laughed when we finally figured out what it was.

We were snuggled in watching a DVD of "Northern Exposure" when suddenly we heard a loud thump from the back of our mobile home. Jim wandered down the hall, turning on lights in all the rooms, but he couldn't find anything. So we went back to watching TV.

Suddenly, there it was again! More muffled this time. So my turn. I walked down the hall, checked for any signs of mice moving things around or clothes shifting and falling off the shelf. Nothing. Back to the TV.

And there it was again! Did I mention that the dog kept barking when we heard it? So...not our imagination. Jim checked it out and thought that it might be an animal under the mobile home. No....that wasn't it. Maybe it's the snow settling against the sides of the skirting as the rain causes it to melt? Nope. That's not it either because it was only happening at the back of the house.

Once again only louder this time. What the heck is that?! Time to figure it out. Jim stood at one end of the hall and I stood at the back of the hall. When we heard the noise again I noticed a huge drip of water off the roof by the back door. AHA! When I looked outside, there were big curls of snow slowly sliding off our metal roof! Each thump we heard was the snow shifting just a little bit more and starting to slide! I looked out the front door to see if the same thing was happening there and it seemed to be focused more on the back of the house. But I learned a lesson about not doing that with a cup of hot coffee in hand. As I leaned out the door...PLOP! Big drop of icy water.....right into my cup!