Folks are invited to a gathering that will recognize and remember the homeless on the longest night of the year.

It's so easy to take our creature comforts for granted. As I sit here writing this, I'm bundled against a chilly office, and dreaming of going home to my soft couch, warm blankets, and piping hot coffee. So many blessings are listed in that sentence that a homeless person can only imagine having - a roof over my head, furniture, blankets, warmth, coffee, shelter from the wind, and a job to go to every day. Imagine your life without all of those things. It's tough for many of us to do.

Last weekend, I attended the funeral of a loved one at a beautiful church. About 200 people were there including family members, friends, and coworkers. She was surrounded by people who loved her until cancer stole her away. And, again, as I write this, I'm thinking of all those people who've died in homelessness in the last year. Alone. Cold. Sick with illnesses that won't get the medical attention needed. What are they thinking in those last moments? How nice it would be to have family around them? Regrets of a wrong path taken in life that led them to be homeless? Or maybe just relief that their painful and lonely journey is over.

This Wednesday, you're invited to join together with other community members to recognize the plight of homelessness in our state, and remember those who passed away this year without a home. The Longest Night Homeless Vigil will be held at the Hammond Street Congregational Church, 28 High Street in Bangor, beginning at 6 p.m. There will be a special service, music, and personal reflections from folks who have experienced homelessness. Everyone is welcome to join in.

For more information, log onto the Homeless Vigil Facebook page.