Puffins are beautiful birds who, while closely resembling my beloved penguins, are actually  not an East Coast breed of the penguin family. But they have some physical similarities that I find irresistible. So I thought it was pretty cool when I learned of this live Puffin Cam from the Maine coast!

The cam is set up on what they call "The Loafing Ledge" at Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge in Rockland. This 65-acre island was transferred by the Navy to the Fish and Wildlife Service in 1972 and at one time was used as a bombing range. It's now used by the Audubon Society for colonial nesting seabirds.

Check out the live webcam by clicking on the puffin picture! And then, if you decide you'd like to see them live, click here to save money on tickets for puffin and whale watching tours with the Bar Harbor Whale Watching company!