A Limington woman was killed when fire swept through her farmhouse apartment early this morning. The State Fire Marshall's office says the couple had just recently removed the batteries from their smoke detector.

Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland says the fire on the North Road was discovered by a passerby at around 5:30 this morning. The victim's husband was notified at work.

The body of Ingeborg Young, 52, was found near the front door and cause of death is listed as smoke inhalation. Investigators say it appeared that she was trying to escape. The home has a second apartment but Young was the only one at home when the fire broke out. The house is owned by Margaret Boudreau of Limington.

Investigators say it appears the fire started in the living room of the Boudreau's apartment. A smoke detector was present in the home but Young's husband told investigators that he and his wife had just recently removed the battery because it was beeping.

This was the fifth fire death of the year.