Hats are back in style!

I'll admit that although I like hats, they don't necessarily like me. I've got a big melon and a longer face, and many hats that I've tried just don't look good on me. And you know something? Hats are not just for guys who feel the need to cover up a bald spot.

However, after watching an Episode #71 of Mansome's--'Hats,' I think I'll give it another try. I might even hint to my wife that a Newsboy or Fedora would be a nice gift for Christmas. And I sure don't need another baseball style hat.

There are a number of things you'll need to consider before taking the plunge. Ladies, if you're trying to keep the hat a secret, and you want to get the right size the first time, you may want to measure a hat in advance that he wears a lot.

But check out the video for some comedy relief and some good ideas: